Having a long-lasting, constructive and happy relationship is every Iranian girl’s desire. However, such a relationship requires certain qualities from both partners. To many Iranian girls’ surprise, the health of a relationship is more about their own personality traits and attitudes toward life and themselves rather than their partners’ traits and attitudes. At the same time, the happiness of a relationship originates from the internal peace and happiness of both partners. If some parts of this chain are missing, then the relationship will not be as fantastic as the Iranian girls expect.

Not everyone is ready for a relationship, but everyone can acquire qualities and make the necessary attitude changes needed for a successful relationship. Toward this goal, there are two important questions which can reveal a lot to Iranian girls about their readiness to  enter a relationship or start their Iranian dating journey.

2 Questions for Iranian girls to ask:

1 – What scares Iranian girls about a relationship?

This is a major question which needs to be addressed very carefully. If Iranian girls are deeply scared of a relationship, then they might not be themselves in their dating life. Out of fear and self-protection, they may display certain behaviors which could undermine the bond between them and their partner. The biggest fear in a relationship usually is vulnerability. The fears of not being loved, being betrayed, being taken advantage of, etc. influence Iranian girls and cause them to act unnaturally. There is no doubt that entering any relationship is ultimately about taking a risk and with any risk come concerns. It is up to Iranian girls to find ways to control the level of their concerns and prevent any fears from influencing the quality of their budding relationship.

Are you ready for a new relationship?

 2 – How much do Iranian girls love themselves?

If Iranian girls do not love and approve of themselves, how can they expect their partners to do so? Loving oneself should not be done passively, but with continual inquiry to better know oneself, including  power points and weaknesses. While trying to improve their weaknesses, Iranian girls should be proud of their achievements. When they have an honest idea of themselves and have accepted themselves the way they are, they will know more accurately what they want and, more importantly, the person for whom they are  looking. Such an Iranian girl will not be exploited or undermined. A self-loving person is a confident person. Many other positive characteristic come along with self-love.

If it has been a long time since an  Iranian girl has loved herself, then she needs to go back in front of a mirror to find the real loving person within.

In this article we tried to open a discussion about two important aspects of pre-relationship preparation for Iranian girls. There are many good sources of information on such preparation.

If you have been one of those Iranian girls who have searched and addressed these issues in your dating life and relationship, share with us and your friends on the site how you managed it.