Have you ever wondered why some Iranian girls are successful in every aspect of their lives, including their dating experiences? They jump on an Iranian dating site and in a few days they are dating the man of their dreams. For these girls, it seems that doors in every aspect of their lives open automatically.
What contributes a lot to success is happiness. Happiness has a great impact on Iranian girls’ attitudes and with the right attitude you can do miracles. How do some Iranian girls live a happier life than others when they are all living in the same society and dealing with the same kinds of problems and people? Well, here are three common characteristics of happy Iranian girls.

What happy Iranian girls don’t do:

1. Control the uncontrollable

Iranian girls, in particular, tend to control everything. This gives them a sense of security that nothing can go wrong. However, in life and specifically in dating, it is impossible to control everything. Life is full of uncertainties and uncontrollables. If they can accept this, they can live happier lives. Unfortunately, some Iranian girls cannot accept this fact. Having no control over some areas of their lives makes them nervous, even though this nervousness will damage the happy life they deserve to live.

2. Postpone goals

If Iranian girls would like to do something, they should do it right now. Yet every now and then you come across some Iranian girls who continually postpone what they would like. For example, they say they are in love with dancing and that they want to learn Salsa one day, but this day never comes. If they have a goal, they should take a step toward achieving it. This can be a pleasurable goal like learning a dance or something about their profession, or improving their personal life (such as finding an appropriate partner). Achieving goals is a main source of happiness and satisfaction in life.

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3. Blame others

If Iranian girls accept that the quality of their lives is more or less a consequence of their actions, then they can live happier lives. By believing in this cause and effect relationship, they realize they have the power to make things happen. On the other hand, if they blame others for their life problems, then they are giving their power away and others will determine the quality of their lives. Then they will be vulnerable and scared. Happy Iranian girls never forget that they are in charge of their lives and can build their futures just the way they want.
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