Iranian dating can be very easy or very hard. There are, though, several key principles that can make online dating very easy. One of these is how an Iranian girl prepares her profile. The profile is the gateway through which her future dates enter. If an Iranian girl does not make an interesting profile, she will lose date after date.

Mistakes an Iranian girl should avoid in making her dating profile:

1. Long and boring

The profile page should be short and to the point. This is not the place for an Iranian girl to explain her entire life or desires. Long profiles become boring and the majority of visitors do not read them. Instead, an Iranian girl should make her profile interesting and eye-catching. It should make the reader curious to hear the rest of the story in person, so that he decides to send her a message.

2. Reprimanding profile

It is a huge turn off if an Iranian girl begins her profile with dos and don’ts, because of what another Iranian man has done to her in the past. Bringing up prior negative experiences in a profile or asking for very specific qualities is not a good strategy.

The very first message that this type of profile sends to visitors is that this Iranian girl is not at peace with her past and is still involved in her bitter past relationships. This point by itself is an indication that the Iranian girl is not yet ready to enter a new relationship. In addition, visitors may think she is a pessimist and has a nagging personality from which men usually prefer to stay away.


3. Confusing photos

Photos and physical attraction are super important to Iranian men. It is highly recommended that an Iranian girl upload several photos which give a clear idea about her physical appearance. She should avoid group photos, scenes, avatars, pets, etc. Iranian men want to see her, as simple as that.

To learn more about profile photo selection, Iranian girls can read this article: “How to Choose an Iranian Online Dating Profile Photo“.
Please share with us what you think is important to consider when creating your profile on an Iranian dating site. If you need assistance improving your dating profile, we are here to help.