Are you an Iranian man that has recently started dating? Or have you been in a relationship for many years? No matter how long you have been with your partner, you might have wondered why sometimes Iranian women are not easy to read. They sometimes react in ways that are difficult to understand.
To be clear, a majority of Iranian women do not approve of certain behaviors that are common among Iranian men. If you repeatedly engage in such behaviors, these Iranian women are likely to react in ways that might surprise even themselves. Paying attention to the following few points can improve your Iranian dating life tremendously.

Iranian women do not like it when you:

1. Make your work a higher priority

Iranian women want to be the center of their partners’ attention. Wise Iranian men do not make their partners compete for attention with their jobs. What you should remember is that you can always find another job, but you will not have forever to improve your relationship with your partner.

2. Take away your “together time” playing with your gadgets

Iranian women love to spend quality together time with their partners. If you want to spend your together time playing video games or being distracted on Facebook or Twitter, then you lose the chance to strengthen your bonds while dating Iranian women.

Iranian women and what you need to know about them

3. Escape from hard questions

If there is a question, it should ultimately be answered. When Iranian women bring up a difficult question, they are not going to forget about it each time you find a way to avoid answering it. In a relationship, partners should be able to carry on a healthy conversation and address each other’s concerns. If she, for example, asks about the future of your relationship, you need to answer her appropriately sooner or later.

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