Iranian singles who want to start their dating journey generally face internal fears which hold them back. Sometimes they are so scared that they make excuse after excuse to convince themselves that it is not the right time to start dating. They are afraid of making mistakes or not being good enough. Instead of trying to get over their fear and addressing any issues, some Iranian singles prefer to avoid dating altogether. Some of the most common excuses follow.

Excuses Iranian singles should not make:

1 – It is too late for me.

It is never too late for Iranian singles to enjoy the companionship and love of another person. Love doesn’t know age. It is an Iranian single’s choice to have the same old life or try to capture some romance and love. Everyone has a past that they can leverage to advantage, learning from prior lessons to make a brighter future.

 2 – I am not good enough.

Comparison is the worst enemy of Iranian singles. Good and bad are relative adjectives and only come into play when Iranian singles compare themselves to others. No one is perfect and one of the reasons to find a life partner is to help each other become better people.


3 – I am afraid of judgment.

People judge others one way or another. Iranian singles should not let this fact hold them back from the love and beautiful life they deserve. Using this excuse gives away control of their life to others.

4 – The good ones are gone.

This is the simplest excuse a Persian girl or boy can make to avoid interactions with others. There are many nice people out there who are looking for someone just like our Persian girl or boy. Instead of seeing all the negative points in others, Iranian singles should start looking at the bright sides of people and remember that no one is perfect.

Have you ever made any of the afore-mentioned excuses? If so, please share with us how you overcame it and changed your Iranian dating life.