Persian girls and boys face difficulties in their dating lives. Iranian dating has ups and downs and sometimes the downs may hit hard. Getting through hard times may be so difficult that it can disrupt a couple’s happiness. At such times, there is a chance our Persian girls and boys will blame others for their difficulties. The following quote from Sigmund Freud offers good advice:
“Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.”

6 – Persian girls and boys should undertake responsibility

Successful and happy Iranian singles are responsible people. Those who blame others for their life’s hardships are denying their own responsibility and giving away their power to change their circumstances. Persian girls and boys with this perception are victims of others’ decisions and their unfortunate dating moments. They have no control over what happens to them. The lives of these Persian girls and boys are very sad for sure. However, this is not the truth about dating life.

Persian girls and boys need to take responsibility

In reality, the happiness of every single person in the world depends on himself. If Persian girls and boys hold themselves responsible for their own lives, then they will probably not be sad. The reason is that nobody else can take their happiness away, if they have control over their dating life. This does not mean that there won’t be any tough times, but they won’t sacrifice their happiness for those times. Responsible Persian girls and boys have the power to choose not to let tough times destroy their happy everyday lives, no matter who or what has caused the unfortunate situation. Strong Persian girls and boys always choose to be the heroes, not the victims. They become the heroes of their lives by admitting that most things happen because of their own decisions. Due to the fact that they have power and control over their dating lives, they can avoid the same problems from happening again. This is what prevents them from being sad or feeling victimized by others.
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