Today it is proven that one’s mindset contributes a lot to the quality of a relationship. The way an Iranian girl thinks has a direct impact on her dating life. That is why negative thoughts or unrealistic expectations about a relationship can cause serious problems. An Iranian girl can complicate a relationship very easily by the way she thinks. In order to prevent this from happening, it is important to avoid the following thoughts.

Thoughts an Iranian girl should avoid:

• “He should change for me”

When an Iranian girl starts dating a guy, it is because of what she sees in him. If, after a while, she expects him to change according to her wishes, she is denying the real him with whom she once fell in love. This attitude will damage the quality of their relationship deeply.

• “I do not have time for him”

Nobody is short of time. It is just a matter of priorities. If Persian women do not have time for their partners, it means that these men are not their first priority. The point is what goes around comes around. If they neglect their partners today, they will neglect them in the future, too.

An Iranian girl and thoughts which she should avoid of

• “He has to love me”

An Iranian girl can never, ever force someone to love her. An Iranian man can pretend to love her under pressure, but it is not real love and sooner or later this pretention will be over. One more thing to remember is that dating time is for realizing whether the partners are a good fit. Not every dating experience transforms to an ever-lasting relationship.

• “I have to be the center of his world”

If an Iranian girl wants to receive true and genuine feelings from her partner, she should give him some room to be himself and love her his own way.

• “He will solve all my problems”

An Iranian girl should not enter a relationship in order to solve her life’s difficulties. The true intention of being together is to share joint happiness together and elevate each other’s life. On the way, we help each other out to get through life’s hardships. Expecting a partner to take care of all of our problems is not fair.

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