To the majority of Iranian singles, love is like a fairy tale. Where the groom appears out of the blue and takes the bride on a white horse to where they will live happily ever after. But there is a difference between fairy tales which we see on the move theater screens and real life. What usually is ignored is the fact that a relationship should be formed over time. At beginning it takes an effort from both sides to make a strong foundation for their relationship.

Should an Iranian girl believe that intensity is a sign of love?

After an Iranian girl meet a person, it needs time to go through different steps in order to know him completely. Knowing a person on the first date or even first month is not possible. It takes time until an Iranian girl make sure her date is reliable, truth worthy and own other essential qualities for a long term relationship. If a relationship in the first week or month seems to be very intense it might be a time for a wise Iranian girl to ask what it is based on. It is obvious that physical appearance plays an important role in this intensity but internal and personal values cannot be discovered in such a short period of time.
Being out with this newly met Iranian guy to lavish places, high end dinners and different types of fun might be glamorous for an Iranian girl. But considering the short amount of time since they have met why this person is so in to her without knowing much about her.

An Iranian girl and the love she deserves

What are the signs of a true love?

One of the best sings that an Iranian girl can count on when it comes to long term relationship is future plans. If her partner talks about his future plans and the Iranian girl is a part of this plans, it means he is serious about her and truly loves her. Another sign that indicates he is not looking for a fling is the way he introduces her to others. If the Iranian girl is introduced as his partner it can be another sign of his commitment to this relationship.
In general an Iranian girl should look for signs which have long term indications. Although romantic places and events are necessary and spice up the relationship, but they are not a solid sign of love. A true relationship is the one that nurtures over time. If this process is accompanied by respect, commitment and loyalty too, then it can be a sign of love or end up to the true love.
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