Sometimes an Iranian girl meets a nice person and starts dating him. He seems to be the one and he makes her feel happy. But some Iranian girls worry that maybe their soul mates could be better or even that they have to be better. Such doubts might arise because of some of his behaviors or personality traits. This is when an Iranian girl feels frustrated about whether he is the right person or not. She worries that perhaps she should re-think the whole relationship.
Our Iranian girl is right to feel stressed over this question, as it is not easy to end a relationship which is already forming even though she wants to make sure she is on the right track with the right person.
Below is a simple exercise which might help her to clear her mind and make better decisions.

How an Iranian girl can decide if he is Mr. Right

In order to do this exercise, the Iranian girl needs to find some time that she can set aside to really think things over. She should not be tired or overwhelmed by her daily life. When the timing is right, she needs to turn off her cell phone and anything else which might distract her. She needs a piece of paper and a pen. This exercise starts with drawing two columns. One of the columns is named “Plus” and the other one “Minus”. Under the “Plus” column, she lists whatever makes her happy or appreciative about her partner and in the “Minus” column she lists everything that bothers her, worries her or of which she disapproves. The Iranian girl should be honest in this section, not over-think it and write down whatever comes to mind. She should fill out the columns with as many items as possible. After 15-20 minutes, she should stop this exercise.


During the following week, the Iranian girl needs to complete this table by going back to it and repeating the above-mentioned steps two or three more times.
During the second week, she should create the same positive, stress- and distraction-free atmosphere and go over the list two or three more times. During this phase, she needs to look at the list critically and take off every item she is 100% sure is not important or is a minor issue. The length of these sessions will be around 15 minutes.
By the end of the second week, she should have completed the list of positive and weak attributes of her partner, focusing on those which really matter to the relationship. If the number of pluses is greater than the number of minuses, the Iranian girl is dating someone who is worth working with on their relationship. However, if the minuses outweigh the pluses, then the Iranian girl should think more seriously about her relationship. In any case, it is a good idea to seek help from a therapist as well. This exercise will give both the Iranian girl and her counselor a better understanding of the relationship in question and how well it is working.
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Please share with us what you learned from doing this exercise and if it was helpful.