One of the most-used descriptions on Iranian dating sites and profiles is “Player”. The sentence “I am not looking for a player” is one of the most common in Iranian singles’ profiles. But who is a player? Generally a player in the dating world is a person who is dishonest. He might cheat, disappear, lie, take advantage, etc. Almost no one considers himself a player, but some people are players to some extent without knowing it.
As an example, Iranian girls who think that not caring enough for their partner is a good strategy to get his full attention are “players”. They are trying to manipulate their partners into feeling that they will lose her, in the misguided belief that he will then try his best to satisfy all her demands. This minority of Iranian girls who try to manipulate their partners’ feelings do not recognize themselves as players, but they are.
Honesty is one of the most critical ingredients of a relationship. Being dishonest just to hold onto a relationship will not work in the long run. Some men are going to lose interest in their partner over the course of time no matter what the girl does, because the relationship was not founded on truth or because some other internal or external factors are de-railing it. However, when partners have chosen each other for the right reasons and are looking for a healthy relationship, then approaching it with dishonest strategies like the one mentioned above will not do any good.
No matter if they are Iranian girls who do not care enough for their partners or Iranian men who cannot be loyal to their partners, they all need to follow these pointers to avoid being “a player”.

How Iranian girls and boys can avoid becoming a player

How Iranian girls and boys can avoid turning into “a player” while dating:

1. If you love him, do not pretend you don’t.
2. Don’t show off your previous relationship.
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3. Quit using your partner for your own good.
4. Respect your partner and his wants.
5. Be yourself and do not mock anyone else.
6. Do not make him jealous.
7. Balance your expectations.
8. Remember that dating is a give and take relationship.
9. In taking any action, think for a second if you would approve of it if it were done to you.

If Iranian men and women follow the simple pointers mentioned above, they will take the first steps toward honesty in a relationship. After a while, they will see how much time and energy they have been wasting on twisting things around and how much honesty can elevate their personal life, as well as their relationship.
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