Iranian singles who are following us closely may have noticed that we are trying to keep up with the latest technologies on the web. This is because we believe our users deserve the highest quality service possible. Easy communication between Iranian singles and the website admins is our number one priority. The reason is we try to provide a desirable user experience on the site. On the way to this goal they might face some difficulties or questions. In order to address their concerns as quickly as possible, we have recently added a feature which enables users to initiate an online Iranian chat with the website admins . It gives Iranian singles the opportunity to discuss their concerns on-line and in either English or Farsi. Following you will find why we chose Iranian chat over phone lines as a communication method between users and us.

Why Iranian chat instead of phone lines

1. Iranian chat is fast.

Compare clicking on the chat box at the bottom of the screen to finding the client support phone number, dialing it and waiting for an operator to answer your questions. Which one is faster?

2. Iranian chat is free.

There are toll free numbers in Northern America but for Iranian singles inside of Iran ,it costs money to contact and ask their questions. Iranian chat is free of any charge for anyone anywhere in the world.

Iranian chat, another step toward a better client support

3. Iranian chat stays with you.

When you hang up the phone, if you come across another question, you have to contact the client support center all over again. Iranian chat stays with you as long as you are navigating certain pages. You can open up the chat box at anytime and your previous conversations are still there.

4. Iranian chat is going to be 24/7

Right now we are not 24/7 but we will be at your service round the clock very soon. Although currently we cover Northern America and Iran’s busiest times of the day on the website. It means whenever we have the most visitors on the site we are there to help.

Try our online chat with admins and let us know how you like it. Please do not forget that all of our admins are fluent in Farsi and English.