Effective communication is one of the most vital needs of a healthy relationship. It is the main tool that Iranian women and men can use to resolve unforeseen issues between them. Life is full of ups and downs and couples should be prepared to face them in order to avoid permanent damage to the beautiful relationship they have already begun. Effective communication between Iranian women and men is important, because it is the best way they can brainstorm a particular issue and reach agreement. If they are not able to carry on a constructive conversation about important aspects of their life, then they will begin to grow apart and this will damage their relationship sooner or later.

What is communication?

Communication is “the act or process of using words, sounds, signs, or behaviors to express or exchange information or to express your ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc., to someone else”. Effective communication is a skill which should be acquired over time by Iranian women and men. Iranian women might need to practice more because they are more emotional than Iranian men, and emotions sometimes interrupt the process of communication. Effective communication consists of a couple of skills which we will discuss one by one.

Do Iranian women and men know how to communicate effectively?

Effective Communication Skills for Iranian Women and Men

1. Listening

It might not seem like it, but being patient enough to really listen to one’s partner is not always easy. Iranian couples, in the middle of a heated conversation, usually want to express their feeling and thoughts right then and there. However, if they fail to wait till a break in the conversation to make their point and, instead, just interrupt their partner, it will have a negative impact on the conversation. Usually the message which an interrupted partner receives is that the rest of his points are not important. He also feels disrespected and as if he has not been given enough time to explain himself and his opinions, which makes him subconsciously take even more time to tell his side of the story. As a result, Iranian women and their partners keep interrupting each other and, in order to be heard, voices will raised. In such a mess, there is no way they can understand each other’s message. If we add boiling emotions to this equation, there is absolutely no room left for logic or love. Iranian women (men), out of respect to their partners, should listen with interest and give them enough time to express their points. Iranian women also need to avoid judgments and just try to understand the facts which the partner is trying to explain.

In the next part, we will discuss other skills needed for effective communication between Iranian women and men. Please stay in touch and let us know if you find this series helpful.