During the past two weeks we discussed the importance of controlling stress while communicating. Stress can easily impair one’s judgment and when Iranian women (men) cannot judge a situation rightfully then how can they react and carry on a healthy and effective relationship? How many times have you said something that you regretted the next day? Stress may be the starting point for misunderstanding in communication. If Iranian women, for instance, make a poor judgment out of stress and then react irrationally, Iranian men are likely to get offended. If, on the other hand, Iranian men are not in control of their stress, emotions steer their communication out of its healthy path and an argument originates.

How Iranian women (men) can take control of stress during communication

1. Recognize they are stressed out

The first step is simply to be aware of the symptoms of stress. One of the problems is that some Iranian women (men) do not even recognize they are under stress until it is too late and damage is done.

2. Create a pause in the conversation

In order to avoid damage due to impaired judgments in times of stress, Iranian women (men) should take a moment to think before expressing their feelings and ideas. They should wait for a few seconds or even minutes to be sure what they are about to say is objective.

Iranian women and ways to control stress during a conversation

3. Respect opposing opinions

It is important for Iranian women (men) to be able to accept opposing ideas and opinions. Partners cannot be close-minded in every single aspect of life and should be respectful of one another’s differences.

4. Find something humorous

Finding something funny can change the atmosphere instantly. Iranian women (men) should improve their abilities to find something charming and funny in every situation. If they can make each other laugh or at least smile, they will be able to return the communication to the right track.

Well, we are at the end of this series of articles. We hope all Iranian singles have found several good pointers to manage their dating and relationship communications. There are so many strategies for carrying on effective communication.
Please share with us any useful strategies you find on this topic.