In part one of we discussed the first two steps for successful Persian dating. We hope that you have reviewed them and have given enough thought because ready or not, here are the next steps.
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3. Iranian Women and Dating Venues

In the today’s ever-changing modern life, the world of Persian dating has developed a lot as well. If Iranian women decide to find an Iranian man there are many ways to do it. Obviously, each one of these venues has their pros and cons. Iranian women should study different ways of finding a Persian date and decide which one is the most suitable for them. Following are a few ways of Iranian dating:
• Searching within family and asking the members to suggest people
• Searching within friends and asking them to suggest people
• Iranian dating sites
• Public gatherings like groups and meetings

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4. Iranian Women Should Take Care of their Appearance

It is believed that in true love and relationships, the look and appearance is not important. Although the foundation of a healthy relationship should not be based on looks and physical appearance, these factors play an important role in the first impression. Taking care of appearance, being clean, healthy and taking care of your body are the needs of a relationship. What we are talking about does not mean that Iranian women need to undergo cosmetic surgeries or extreme measures to look like a beauty queen. Iranian women, and in general human beings, are beautiful just the way god has created them. On the other hand, beauty is both internal and external and only appearance cannot make a person beautiful. What we mean is that people should be clean, appropriately dressed and well groomed. Not to mention that everything is better to be done in moderation, including makeup and the like. Unfortunately, every now and then we see some Iranian women that are known for their extreme use of make-up which just attracts certain types of Persian men. But Iranian women should not ignore the fact that in order to find the lifelong partner, everything needs to be done in moderation.
During the past few years the clothing industry for Iranian women has improved a lot. You can find some of its sample on a few of our Pinterest boards by clicking here.
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