So far we have talked about six important steps to successful dating. Those Iranian women who have already put these steps into practice have certainly seen wonderful results. This week we are going to talk about two more points in this series which can help out even more.

7- Iranian Women should not be Shy about Asking Someone for a Date

Generally, it is believed that Iranian men should take the first step and ask Iranian women out on a date. If we go back a few years, we see that it was a rule written in stone. But these days, we see more and more cases where Iranian women feel comfortable asking a guy out. In fact, if Iranian women are interested in making a bright future with the one they truly love, they should not consider any limitation or boundary for themselves. When Iranian women come across a profile in which they are interested, they should not hesitate to start the conversation and keep it rolling.
There may be a fear of rejection when you ask someone out, but don’t take rejection personally. Simply move on to another profile and continue the beautiful journey you have already started.

Iranian women should ask him out if they like him.

 Photo Source:  Christoph Haberthuer

 8- First Interactions are very Important

The first few communications are vital, because the foundation of the future relationship forms here. Given that, Iranian women should pay close attention to the following points:
• Do not exaggerate
Don’t brag about your achievements in life in any way. It always feels good to leave a great impression on a person you are intending to form a relationship with, but this is not the way to do it.
• Do not be too humble
On the other hand, don’t underestimate yourself or deny your achievements and potential in life. Talk freely about what you have done in your life and your success stories, but try to be honest and avoid exaggerating.
• Keep the relationship fun and full of energy
Bring lots of enthusiasm and energy to the relationship. When speaking with your new date, put all the stresses and problems of daily life aside and keep the atmosphere positive and alive.
To be continued…

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