Are you tempted by someone else and you’re contemplating straying from your partner? It happens in our heads sometimes when we become attracted to another, but there are ways to control your itch and ground yourself when the feeling strikes. These thoughts are not bad, in fact, they can be healthy. But acting on them is not. Here are 5 things to consider when you’re tempted to cheat.

1- Don’t Shame Yourself

Be easy on yourself and remember that these thoughts are natural. As humans we become attracted to people who are not our partners on instinct, and having curious thoughts about what it would be like to sleep with them is nothing shameful.

2- Define Cheating With Your Partner

What do you and your partner really define as cheating? This question can differ greatly from person to person. You may think of being unfaithful as a physical act with another person, but your partner may consider emotional cheating under the infidelity umbrella.

3- Use Your Cheating Thoughts Proactively

Don’t feel guilty. Instead, use these thoughts in a constructive way to strengthen your bond. If you’re yearning for someone else it may be a sign that passion is dwindling between you and your partner. Get the spark back by complimenting your partner more and increase your intimacy even if it’s just a hug or more cuddling.

4- Contemplate If Your Relationship Should End

Would leaving your partner be worth having affair with this new person? Would you benefit from being single and having space for a while? Can your relationship be saved and can it give you all the fulfilling factors that this supposed affair might? Don’t leave your partner in the dark about this evaluation either. Start an open communication about how you feel about your current relationship state.

5- Don’t Be Fake

It’s best not to pretend like you’re still madly in love with your partner and haven’t thought of straying. Your partner will be able to tell if you’re pretending and hiding your true feelings, so it is only fair to come clean. Work on what you feel is missing from your partnership, and if it’s impossible to be satisfied, then it is time to move on.

What are your thoughts on cheating? How have you stopped yourself from straying?

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