Tough times come and go. Persian girls and boys take care of issues one by one. They address one with the hope that there won’t be a second one, but life’s hardships continue like an endless stream. As soon as they take care of one, the next one shows up. This is called life. Persian girls and boys can only live a happy life if they can develop the strength to deal with problems. When they are mentally ready to work things out, these tough times in life seem to be more tolerable. One way to get through them is to understand that they are not alone.

Persian girls and boys are not alone.

Due to the nature of human beings, Persian girls and boys look around when faced with a tough time in life. It seems to them that every other person’s life is fine and they are the only one going through a rough ride. They end up feeling unlucky and desperate. What they fail to remember is that, just because they do not know about other people’s problems, does not mean that others are worry free. Everyone gets more or less his share of problems, but some people are more reserved about sharing them with others.

Persian girls and tough times

We are not proposing that Persian girls and boys should feel happy that others are dealing with life issues as well. They only need to know that they have as much as luck as others and, more importantly, that every problem which shows up has a reason. What is important is to find those reasons and take care of the root causes in order to make sure they will not face this type of problem anymore. In addition, understanding the fact that they are not alone takes the feeling of desperation away, because now Persian singles know they have the power to control their life and it is not just about luck.
After all, life is difficult and that is why we build strength. Over time, Persian girls and boys become stronger people and every single twist and turn of life will not break them.

As an exercise, compare yourself now to ten years ago and share with us how much stronger you are compared to back then.