Without a shred of doubt Iranian singles desire to be in a great shape physically. A healthy body contributes a lot to our life satisfaction and future achievements. It starts with enjoying what we see in the mirror when taking a shower to being sure that we live a strong and healthy life to support our family in the future. At the same time we need a healthy body to keep up with our daily chores and bear with all the stress and hardships of life as well as a good role model for our family.

How do Iranian singles can achieve it?

It has been a long time since the secret to a healthy and in shape body is discovered:

  1. Eat healthy
  2. Exercise regularly
  3. Give up old inappropriate habits

Attn Iranian singles: Eating healthy is a great approach for a healthy relationship

Iranian_single 1The first step to fitness is to eat healthy. What we feed ourselves is what defines our health. It is exactly the same in a relationship. What you feed your relationship is what defines the health of that relationship. If you feed trust, energy, optimism, care, tenderness, compassion, and understanding; you will see the same qualities in the future. Now try to supply a relationship with lie, cheating, dishonesty and much more. You can imagine what would be the output.

Exercise regularly to maintain a healthy relationship with Iranian singles

You go to gym at least three times a week if not five times. You focus on your muscles and practice. You work on the upper body, lower body, take cycling classes, swim, run and etc. You pay attention to every single muscle in your body and work on it. Do you do the same for your relationship or do you just expect it to work out without any effort? Do you exercise different approaches to make sure misunderstandings are addressed adequately or do you ignore your relationship and expectations of your partner because you think going into a relationship is the beginning of enjoying and doing nothing?

Give up old inappropriate habits

Following your diet and exercising regularly is not enough. You also need to give up unhealthy habits. You cannot drink as much as before. You need to quit smoking and provide good nutrition and supplements like vitamins and minerals to your body. You need to do the same in your relationship. Smart Iranian singles change inappropriate habits to achieve and maintain a healthy relationship. You might have done so many things while you were single like hanging out with your single friends every weekend or dress freely. When you are in a relationship, you should also consider the other person’s feelings, wants and needs. After all, you dear Iranian singles, are investing your life in that relationship and you expect to achieve great things together. This is a good time to adjust and also eliminate harming old habits.

Conclusion!Iranian_snigle 3

Just like working out and transforming your body from the state of unhealthy and unfit to a healthy and fit body; you are also changing your life status from single to in a relationship. This transformation happens just by changing your lifestyle and continuous care and education. It is not like meeting one person and living happily ever after. Meeting Iranian singles is just the beginning. It is just like enrolling in a gym. When you enter the gym the real work begins and there is no end to it. But after it becomes your lifestyle you will enjoy doing it over and over. Keep trying. Keep watching. Keep educating. We are all in the gym of life and we have a great goal to achieve. Live healthy and happy.