Recently I came across a very interesting article by Happify called “The Science Behind a Happy Relationship”. I do suggest that everyone read the full article. I am sure Iranian women and men will greatly benefit from it. Here I will share a little about the key points in the article.

How Iranian women and men can become even happier in their relationship:

• Happy couple ratio

According to scientists, the happy couple ratio is 5:1. This means that for every five interactions that Iranian women and men have, only one of them can be negative in order for their relationship to still be considered happy. If couples who are looking for a happy relationship have a bad score here, it is time to work on it.

How Iranian women and men can make their relationship even happier!

• Happy couples talk more

Sometimes we see a couple that considers itself a happy one, but when you watch their relationship closely, you do not notice any daily interaction or conversation between the partners. In this type of relationship, Iranian men come back home after work and spend their time in front of the TV. Iranian women, on the other hand, are busy in the kitchen or in front of the computer or over the phone. Though they may have no negative interactions, it is only because they have almost no interactions at all. It has been proven that partners in a happy relationship tend to spend more time together, perhaps talking and sharing life events with each other. If they can interact well when they talk to each other, they most probably will be able to succeed in other areas of their relationship as well.

• Happy couples compliment each other

Iranian women (or Iranian men) may not be used to complimenting each other. Sometimes you see cases where, after a few years, couples turn into rivals. They want to prove in any situation that they are better and right, yet the situation should be totally opposite. It should be the Iranian men who compliment their Iranian women partners and vice versa.

• Showing Appreciation

As time goes by and the excitement of meeting someone new fades away, usually outward appreciation (e.g. exchanging gifts) is shown only on special occasions such as the New Year and birthdays. Iranian men in particular need to appreciate being with their Iranian women. If they initiate and celebrate their togetherness, and show their gratitude for what their Iranian women are doing for the relationship, then the amazing impact of it will surprise them – – especially if they do so spontaneously, without waiting for a special occasion. In return, they will probably be surprised by a similar acknowledgement of appreciation from their Iranian female partner.

We hope you have enjoyed this article and that it provided you with a few ways to elevate the level of happiness in your relationship. Iranian women may check out our Pinterest page for some cool gift and dating ideas. Please let us know if you have any suggestions.