People have different tone of speech; some speak softly and some loud. This characteristic may be rooted from family style, job situation, health status or one’s personality! Have we ever wondered what are the consequences of how we speak with our partner who we are in a in a relationship with?

Naturally people believe that they can be heard easier if speak louder. Imagine yourself in a busy street trying to talk on your cellphone. It is obvious the louder you speak the better you can communicate with the person on the other side. It is important Iranian girls and boys  realize where to and where not to speak loud. This small realization will make a huge difference in their relationship.

A relationship is a place mostly related to soft and beautiful feelings and impressions. It is supposed to be full of emotions and memorable gestures. When we talk about love, we usually picture a couple hand in hand, candles and roses. Does this beautiful space leave any room for someone to speak loud? Definitely not! That’s why Iranian girls expect their partner to speak softly even in the case of a disagreement.

As soon as he starts raising his voice, Iranian girls question the level of love and commitment between the two.

If partners believe in communication and the fact that disagreements can be addressed through a healthy conversation, then there is no need to be loud.

One of the main reasons people start being loud is that they are afraid that they might not get enough time to be heard. It might be something that Iranian girls should work on wit their partner. Making sure each partner gets enough time to express his or her feelings and ideas is a huge step towards addressing this issue in a relationship.

Avoid speaking loudly with Iranian girls

Iranians(Including Iranian girls) are sometimes loud which is not our best characteristic. We in general need to improve our listening skills as well as our patience toward disagreements. Iranian men, who are looking to date Iranian girls on an online dating website and planning on a long-term relationship, need to remember this is a process. You search your family, friends, acquaintances, coworkers and different Persian dating sites to find that special someone. But don’t forget finding is the easiest step and maintaining the high quality relationship with Iranian girls might be the challenge! Remember that Iranian girls love it if you speak softly when you are having a conversation.

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