The relationships of Persian women grow over time. Time flies and at some point, considering all the ups and downs of their relationships, Persian women are curious about whether their relationships are growing in the right direction. It is a very good idea to monitor and evaluate relationships every now and then. Based on that evaluation, Persian women can then adjust what they are building with their significant others. Here we have a list of characteristics of a healthy relationship that Persian women can use as a reference point

What Persian women find common in healthy relationships:

1. They are playful

No matter how long they have been together, they still are playful and enjoy their life together.

2. Persian women think their partner has good ideas

This feeling should be genuine. It is a very good measure of the quality of their relationship. It shows how much they approve of their partner and how objective they are about him. This characteristic reveals that there is no jealousy or competition in this relationship and they are supportive of one another.

3. Their partner is their role model in some ways

This is another good measure of how much Persian women approve of their partner. It shows their relationship is a place for them to grow. Persian girls make their partners role models and try to grow with their help. In return, the same thing happens for Iranian men when they try to improve their merits by role modeling Persian women in other areas.


4. Disagreements

In disagreements, they can acknowledge their partner makes sensible points. The partners are not taking sides, but are just looking for ways to address the disagreement no matter who is right. This shows that the partners in this relationship are not trying to prove that they are always right after stating their opinions.

5. Thinking of each other

Even if Persian women and their partners are not physically together, they think of each other and miss being together.

6. They find their partner trustworthy

This is a very important sign of a healthy relationship. The foundation of a relationship is based on trust. If there is no trust, the relationship is crippled in one way or another, because they are always concerned and in this atmosphere there is no room for growth.

Until next Sunday, when we will post the next six characteristics of healthy relationships, it is a good time for Persian women to measure what they are building with their spouse or Iranian dating partner and start working on the points which might be weak.
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