In the second part of “Signs of a Healthy Relationship for Persian Women”, we are going to discuss six more signs. If Persian women do happen to spot some trouble, there is no need to worry. They are already one step ahead by recognizing the issue. The next step is finding ways to fix it.

Healthy relationship signs and Persian women

7- Persian women enjoy the way their partner grows

A relationship should be a source of improvement, maturity and progress for both partners. If Persian women see the progress in their partner and enjoy it, it means they are in a healthy relationship where they care about each other’s progress.

8- Persian women hear more positives than negatives

It is very important for Persian women to hear more positive things than negative ones when they meet with their partners. Being positive and seeing good in everything can help the happy spirit of a relationship.

9 – Partners recall old memories

Persian girls and their partners remember all the good memories they created together and feel full of joy talking about them. This helps to strengthen their mutual bonds by seeing how they have paved the intertwining path of their lives together.

10 – They kiss

Kissing is one of the most romantic and emotional ways of expressing feelings toward one other. Persian women in a healthy relationship should experience kissing very often, even daily.

Persian women and the healthy relationship they deserve

11- Persian women feel they can be themselves with him

A relationship is a place to enjoy and appreciate your true self. If Persian women pretend or act unnaturally when they are united with their partners, then something is wrong. It might mean that they feel, or are given the impression that, they are not good enough in some areas and then they try to change themselves or act differently than usual. This behavior will likely cause Persian women great personal dissatisfaction, because they cannot pretend to be something that they are not.

12 – Persian women feel comfortable talking about their concerns in life

If Persian women feel concerned or vulnerable in some aspects of their life, they should feel comfortable talking about it with their partners. One example might be concerns about having physical intimacy. The couple should be able to have healthy and supportive conversations about issues such as these.

Now you dear Iranian singles have one week’s time to contemplate these six characteristics of your relationship and see where you stand.
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