Nowadays we see many Persians girls and Iranian men use internet to find their soul mate. Iranian dating on the internet is trending more than ever. According to the studies and numbers, it seems that we will hear a lot more about Iranian dating on the internet in future. But the question is how did it all start?

The History of Online dating and its Impact on Iranian Dating

The industrial revolution changed people’s lives drastically in every aspect including dating. Dating used to consist of only first date proposals and fathers making deals with other fathers about whom their daughter will marry!

Dating became a longer and more intimate process when individuals were granted the rights to choose their life partners. In the beginning of the 18th century, about a decade after the invention of the newspapers, matrimonial services were created for the first time. It was basically an ad from a single person who was looking for his/her life partner. The matrimonial services were the beginning of new dating ways however; the last and most effective way is the online dating! Upon conception of internet this process became more modernized and more welcomed by individuals with busy schedules who had less time to socialize.

In the past 30 years, internet revolutionized the conventional look of all industries including online dating which provided unlimited access to those individuals with busy schedules to meet and choose their partners from all around the world, with any ethnicity, religion, and culture they desired. The first internet dating web sites appeared around 1994 and a high demand of users responded with hopes for higher potentials. Penetration of online services in every aspect of life was also a great contribution to online dating popularity. It is said one out of every five relationships starts online these days.

Online dating websites have expanded in different cultures and languages for everyone around the world and over the years they have also improved tremendously in quality. In 2007, Americans alone spent over $500 million on online friend finders. The statistics present the high demand that exists for online dating in global community. We can see this demand for Iranian dating on the internet in Persian communities as well.

The history of Iranian dating on the internet

Iranians slowly warmed up to the idea of modern Iranian dating in the early 21st century and followed the western countries’ footsteps. In the past few years Iranian dating is found very reliable, secure and fast way to find their soul mate. That is the reason which lead to the expansion of Iranian dating websites.

Iranian dating on the internet is here to stay! It is a growing part of our community, more powerful, and trusted than ever. Many relationships these days have shaped through them and many more are to be shaped.  Iranian dating websites are now embraced by many individuals who are looking to find their significant other and life time partner.

Please let us know if you have ever tried to use internet for finding that special someone.