Talking to an Iranian girl’s parents is a very sensitive subject in
Iranian culture. Iranian parents are extremely protective of their
children. They try hard to bring only good into their children’s lives and
do everything in their power to make their children happy. Asking an
Iranian girl’s parents for permission to take her out might be very hard
for a Persian man. Following the steps below can make it as smooth as possible.

Check List for Meeting an Iranian Girl’s Parents:

1. Call them personally.

Never ask the Iranian girl you are planning to date to talk to her parents

in your place. Call her parents personally and ask them if they have time
to sit down with you for a short meeting.

2. Pick an appropriate location.

It is ok to go to their place, but they will have the home advantage. If
they agree, invite them for a coffee instead.

3. Dress well.

Dress comfortably, cleanly and appropriately. Show your true character by
your clothing. Do not forget that the parents of your Iranian girl will be
sensitive about the way you dress at this first meeting.


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4. Be confident.

Try to be confident and comfortable. Do not forget that there is a fine
line between being confident and being impolite or cocky. Try to be decent,
respectful and at the same time have confidence in yourself.

5. Introduce yourself and what you do.

Tell them about yourself, what you do in life, your achievements and goals,
your background and past. Avoid exaggeration and tell the truth.

6. Tell them where you met the Iranian girl.

Let them know how you two met each other. Explain briefly and let them hear
it from you.

7. Tell them about your feelings.

Express your feelings about their daughter and how much you care about her.

8. Talk about your plans for the future.

Tell them what you are thinking about your future with this Iranian girl
(that is, whether you are intending to have a short term or long term
relationship with her).

9. Answer their questions.

Answer their questions patiently. They have their concerns and answering
their questions completely will make them feel more comfortable about your
relationship with their daughter.

10. Give them time.

At the end of the meeting tell them that you do not expect an answer right
away. They can take their time and let you know later on.

The reaction of your beloved Iranian girl’s parents mostly depends on your
behavior in this meeting. If they find you to be a decent and reliable
person, you will not have any problem. So try to make sure you act
trustworthy. Under no circumstances should you tell a lie or deviate from
the truth.

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