Iranian girls are well known for their beauty although they have many other qualities that is yet to be known to non-Iranian men. If you are not Iranian and interested in meeting and dating Iranian girls, there are things to consider and pay attention to. Following we have listed items which might help you in this regard.

4 things to remember while dating Iranian girls

1. Where to find Iranian girls

These days Google is a huge source of information. You can find many Persian events over there. You can stop by and try your chance. But if you are serious about it, your best bet is to sign up with an Iranian dating site. On a dating site you can easily have access to many Iranian girls’ profiles. You can choose an Iranian girl which matches you the best and ask her out.

2. A few words to impress

Learning a few words in Farsi (or Persian, the other name for Farsi) can go a long way. On the first date with an Iranian girl if you start greeting her in Farsi it would be a very nice ice breaker. A few words like “Hello”, “How are you?” and etc. in Farsi can impress Iranian girls a lot on the first date.

Important tips in dating Iranian girls

3. Cultural Differences

If Iranian girls that you meet are new to the US or your country, you might notice some cultural differences. Be respectful to their culture and give it some time. Over the course of time both of you will enjoy new things in each other’s culture. If cultural differences are treated well they can even spice up the relationship. If your Iranian date has been living outside of the Iran long enough you might not even feel any cultural differences then.

4. You pay for the expenses

In Iranian culture usually it is the man who is in charge of financials and expenses. When Iranian singles go on a date in Iran, usually it is Iranian men who pay the check as well as other expenses of dating. Having that in mind you may impress her a lot by doing so. With all that said this tradition is changing little by little but in a very slow pace. After all it is totally up to you to go for it or pass it.

There are four tips that might help you in your journey of dating Iranian girls. After you know Iranian girls better you will be very happy choosing to date them as they are very affectionate and emotional, yet active and loyal beings.
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