A relationship comes with ups and downs. During this wonderful ride of Persian dating it might happen you break your Iranian girl’s heart. If it has been your fault, you need to make it up to her. Now she is mad at you. She doesn’t want to see you or even talk to you. What should you do now?

Take these Steps to make up with your Iranian Girl

1. Give your Iranian girl some time.

People need some time to cool down. When you break your Iranian girl’s heart, you cannot expect her to recover quickly. She is offended, heartbroken and even maybe mad. Give her some time to calm down. People are different and they need different amount of time for recovery. Do not be push her to come back to you quickly. It might worsen the situation.

2. Analyze what you have done.

Sit down and think. Find out what you have exactly done wrong. Find the reasons for your behavior. It will help you to avoid offending your Iranian girl again in future.

3. Send your Iranian girl a message.

While you are waiting for her to calm down, it is a good idea to send her a message. It can be in the form of text, digital communication or a letter. Letter is the best way for this purpose. When an Iranian girl receives a letter from you, she sees how much time you have put into this. On the other hand letter is very personal and emotional because it contains your hand writing. Versus digital communication which is more technological than emotional.

Send your Iranian girl a letter.

4. Admit to your mistakes and apologize.

Apologize the Iranian girl in your letter and admit that you have made a mistake. Explain to her what you think you have done wrong. This shows that you have thought about your actions and do not want to get rid of an unpleasant situation with a quick apology.

5. Promise the Iranian girl that this never happen again.

After explaining her the root of the problem, promise her that she will never face this situation again in future.

6. Call her

If you feel that she is calm by now, try to call her and repeat steps four and five over the phone. Try to set a date to meet her in person. Do not push for meeting her though. If she needs time, give her enough time.

7. Listen to her

If you get the chance to communicate with her, listen to her patiently. Let her empty her feelings. This will help your relationship recovery process tremendously. Do not interrupt and give her enough time to talk.

8. Buy your Iranian girl a present

Presents always can be a great help. Buy something that interests her and try to put a smile on her face.

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After you make up with your partner, it would be great if you tell the author of the article how you managed to reconcile with your Iranian girl.