Experiencing true love and happiness is everyone’s desire. People study, work hard, exercise, and do many other activities in life. But if they don’t feel loved it seems they have not done anything. At the end of the day they can hide behind all their success in other aspects of life and feel lonely. This feeling has nothing to do with gender and neither Persian men nor Persian women are safe in this regard. That is why People try to find their better half and bring more joy and happiness into their life. With today’s busy lifestyles, we do not have enough time to go from one person to another to find that perfect match. That is why Persian dating sites are very popular. They can provide thousands of candidates in a click of a button and it seems to be working perfectly fine. According to match.com, 31% of marriages are from spouses meeting online.

How to Impress an Iranian Girl

That is why we jump on a Persian dating site and in a matter of days we find a very good candidate. Now all we want is to impress her the best way possible and move to the next level. But in order to date an Iranian girl there are dos and don’ts.


  • Give complement. It is not just about the Iranian girl you are meeting. In general it is a great attitude to see goods in everything. Even when you go to buy a cup of coffee find something nice in the guy behind the counter and give him a complement. It makes life more beautiful.
  • Pamper your Iranian girl. Who does not like to be pampered? It makes her feel like the queen of your life.
  • Be honest. As soon as she figures out you are not truthful, problems will start to show up.
  • Be loyal to your Iranian girl. They are monogamous. Being playful is a deal breaker.
  • For the first date take her to a nice and romantic restaurant.
  • Buy her gifts.
  • If you are on a fixed budget, sit down with her and explain it. Talk about your future plans and how you are going to change everything. She will be supportive and understanding.


  • Don’t try to make her jealous by talking about your previous girlfriends.
  • Don’t rush in to bedroom. Your Iranian girl will let you know when time is right.
  • Don’t ignore her. Not replying to her texts and phone calls in a timely manner is usually considered as ignorance.
  • Don’t talk a lot about your job. An Iranian girl wants to be more of a romantic partner than a work partner.
  • If you feel she is not wearing appropriate dresses, don’t mention it directly. Express it tactfully.
  • Don’t talk a lot about how successful and rich you are.
  • Don’t post inappropriate photos on your profile like showing off your muscles or naked photos of you. Be decent.
  • Don’t forget to open the car door for her.
  • Don’t try to be her boss or dad.

Iranian Dating

Iranian dating is all about understanding. Understanding can be achieved through a healthy conversation. So if you and your Iranian girl who are dating are not able to carry a constructive conversation, it is something that you need to work on. You need to know as well that nothing happens overnight. A perfect relationship takes hard work.

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