We at GoIranian take pride in serving our valued users with the best we can. In our efforts to do so we monitor our Iranian singles’ users wants and needs and try to add new features in order to facilitate their experience on the website and make it as joyful as possible.

Instant Iranian chat with the site admin, the new feature from GoIranian

A user-oriented website should always be ready and accessible to answer its’ users questions and concerns. Before than this, email was our main communication channel with our users. Users always could check our FAQs page and if they could not find the answer to their question they could send us an email. Our client support team would answer the incoming emails in less than 24 hours. We have amazing bilingual staff at the client support team who could answer to all of the users’ concerns both in Farsi and English in a timely manner.

In order to exceed our users’ expectations, the development team of GoIranian has added a real time Iranian chat feature on the landing pages of the website. In this live on-line Iranian chat you can easily contact our admin in charge at the time. All of our admins on this Iranian chat feature are fluent in Farsi and English. So you do not need to worry anymore about how to explain your needs and questions in either of this languages. This feature amazingly makes your life easier on the site. As soon as you come up with a question you can start the chat and get an appropriate answer.

Finding answers to your concerns with Iranian chat feature

Iranian chat with the admin is hassle free. There is no need to enter any information such as name, email address and etc. to start the chat. We have removed all the barriers on the way in order to deliver an easy, fast and effective communication channel.
We are intending to deliver 24/7 live Iranian chat support. But right now there might be times of the day that this feature is not available. During these times you can simply leave us a note and will we will get back to you as soon as possible.
If you have any question please get in touch with us.