For those Iranian singles who have immigrated, how to communicate has always been a question when meeting someone on an Iranian dating site. Is it better to have an Iranian chat or it is preferred to speak in English? The reason for this question is the fact that sometimes while two people are Persian, speaking English might be a sign of show off to the other person. Especially if one of them has a problem speaking English fluently, this point might look more valid.

Does Iranian chat get you better Persian dating results?

There is no doubt that two Persian singles who are dating and are born and raised in Iran can connect better having an Iranian chat. The reason is because of the cultural background and the deep feelings behind Persian terminology compared to English for them. It is seen that sometimes it is not even possible to express some feelings in English for Persians. Some intimate feelings can only be transformed in Farsi.
The above mentioned point is usually true about an Iranian chat when two people have spent enough time in Iran to develop these qualities. If they are raised in the US or have lived in the US for a long time, then it might not be the case. Many Iranian singles feel very comfortable being on English dating websites and very comfortable connecting with others in English.


How do you do your Iranian chat with your partner?

In general, an Iranian chat regardless of what language it is spoken should be able to serve as a communication method. As long as both sides feel comfortable and understand each other, it does not matter what language they are speaking.
When you start talking to your Persian date you might want to ask if you want to have Iranian chat or continue in English. But even if you do not discuss this issue, over time you will find the most convenient way of communication naturally.
For those who do not speak English very well, having Iranian chat in English with their partner might even be a good practice for mastering their second language.
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Please feel free to share with me if you have your Iranian chat in Farsi or English and the interesting stories about it.