There are certain times in a relationship which are very important. The first date chat is one of those times. You can understand a lot about your future partner and if your relationship would work on the long run and how you might need to adjust yourself if so.

You first Iranian chat and its importance

You are going out with your Persian girl on the first date. You meet her and she looks fantastic. You start an Iranian chat and it goes very well. This Iranian girl is so charming and you have no doubt that you want to be with her for the rest of your life and have millions of these Iranian chats every single day. She seems to look at you as her future Iranian man as well.

But as you may know the very first date is very important. It is when you collect more information about each other and try to connect as much as possible. But no matter how much you connect with your date at this moment you need to be trying to see how this relationship would be after the initial passion of meeting a new person goes away.

Following are a few notes that you, as an Iranian man, can conclude from your Iranian chat. After the first date you need to be sure to accept that Second date…or Trust Your Gut?

What to pay attention to on the first date

1. Iranian girls tend to talk in order to impress their beautiful feelings. They like to share what happens in their life, family, etc. with the love of their life. You need to consider this characteristic in your date and see if you are able to spend the same amount time demanded by her in the future for Iranian chat and daily conversations, or are you less into talking.

Iranian chat
First date, Iranian chat and maybe the first kiss.

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2. By the way your Iranian chat is conducted on the first day, you are able to predict how your future conversations and probable disagreements can be discussed. Does she give you enough time to speak or does she want to be the sole speaker? Does she interrupt you while you are talking or does she let you finish your point?

3. The vocabulary and quality of her speech may show a lot about her culture, education and family roots. This is a very good measure to see if you are at the same level or higher, or even if you need to catch up with her in the future.

These are a few things that you might be able to conclude from your first date. A wise Iranian man or woman would not only pay attention to the excitement and the passion on the very first few dates. But they should make sure even after they get used to each other, they can still carry a healthy and loving relationship.
Hopefully everything goes well and you will meet your soul mate. On the way if you needed more pointers you may read this article to know how to impress an Iranian girl. Please let us know how your first date goes.