Iran as a country compared to any other country in the world has a unique situation right now . It might be the sole reason that Iranian chat rooms are still active inside the country. Although they are failing and the use of them is hugely influenced by the social media channels and Iranian dating sites, but they are still serving to a minority of the society.

Why Iranian chat rooms are not a good way of dating

Inside the country, Iranian chat rooms are the only source of online dating which can be easily accessed compared to the social media and dating sites. That is why people go to them to find a date. Entering a chat room can be very easy and a matter of a few seconds. Although at first it might seems very convenient to enter an Iranian chat rooms, but if you are looking for dating, it comes with lots of cons.

Iranian chat rooms, yes or no?

What is the most important thing in dating? Yes, finding out more about your candidates and knowing them better. In Iranian chat rooms you cannot find any profile for users. They only have a nick name and that is it. In this case you have no chance to learn more about them before you decide to meet them. In Iranian chat rooms you do not know how old is the person you are chatting with, what he does in life, what is his physical appearance and many more questions. Because of that you need to ask all of this questions from every single person in an Iranian chat room  one by one. As you see this process is time consuming and tiring. Now compare an Iranian chat room to a Persian online dating website in which you can filter users based on the characteristic you want. In fact in an Iranian chat room you are in a dark room and you have no clue who you are socializing with. But in dating sites your search is goal oriented and customized based on your specific needs.
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