An Iranian chat room is a virtual area on the World Wide Web where users can communicate with each other about a subject which interests them.  Their main purpose is communication. Usually chat rooms are categorized by subject and users can browse until they find  one which interests them and join in. Users can create a new chat room of their own, as well.

Iranian Chat Rooms are Declining

Nowadays we see a lot of Iranian chat rooms in Farsi  developed by Iranian companies, in addition to more general chat rooms developed by big companies like Yahoo.  Over the last several years, the popularity of Iranian chat rooms has been declining as the popularity of social media has been increasing. This is a global trend, not particular to Iran, and the reason is obvious. Chat rooms are being replaced by more useful forms of communication such as online dating sites and social media.

Iranian chat rooms on the decline!

Those people who choose to use social media instead of Iranian chat rooms, do so because they can communicate on a particular subject more easily and with greater flexibility.  For example, on Facebook you can easily form a page, a cause or even a community for like-minded people. Members of a community on Facebook can easily chat with other members via  group chat, one-on-one or even video chat. They can also transfer files, information and photos.  This flexibility in communication is what is lacking in Iranian chat rooms and contributes a lot to their unpopularity these days.

Those people who choose to use online dating sites instead of Iranian chat rooms do so because they can find dates and romantic relationships with Persian singles with much greater confidence, safety and specificity.  (Refer to our published article entitled “Iranian Chat on a Dating Site vs. Chat Rooms“.)   Iranian chat rooms do not  deliver even a fraction of the services provided by Iranian dating sites.

A good analogy to think about when trying to compare social media vs. Iranian chat rooms is cell-phone vs. land-line phones.  Fifteen years ago, land-lines were the dominant means of voice communication, but after the invention of cell-phones, land-lines lost ground day after day. This is what happens in the fast paced era of technology . Newer things replace older ones and there is no way to prevent it.

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