After Iranian girls or Persian men meet someone on a dating site who fits into their criteria, they naturally are very eager to know him/her better before going on a first date. With today’s world where some people act weirdly, no one wants to risk to go on a date with a total stranger.
On an Iranian dating site, users can collect some initial information about other users. Information such as physical characteristics, education, past relationships or even their religious believes can determine if they are on the same page with that person. In the next step Iranian singles can read about other users’ way of thinking, their lifestyle and any other thing which that user wants to share in the “About Us” section. This part is a great help to have a better understanding of the person they are going to meet in near future.
For some Iranian singles (an in particular Iranian women) these ways of knowing about someone might not give enough security to share their personal information like cell phone number or even to go on the first date with them.

Iranian chat, one step before going on a first date!
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Iranian chat, a great help in finding a right date

Iranian chat is a very simple and effective way of talking to a potential date without sharing private and personal information. After Persian singles find a potential future date whose profile and information interests them, they can set a time when both of them online and then start an Iranian chat. Throughout talking together over the Iranian chat feature they can collect more information about the user they are having a conversation with. Iranian chat is a huge help to see if he is that special someone.
If everything goes well on the Iranian chat, then they can switch phone numbers or even set a time to meet each other in person.
If you have already used the website’s Iranian chat feature, please let us and our users know how you like it and how helpful it is.