What we do not pay attention to!

One of the most complicated matters in Iranian dating that often times is turned a blind eye to, is the finances. Two amazing individuals find each other on an Iranian dating site and everything seems to be prefect. As this relationship grows, financial issues should be one of the first items on the agenda to be discussed before this relationship moves to the next level. Some of questions to be asked are:

  • Who will be the provider and how each person can contribute?
  • What would be their future savings and investments strategies?
  • What is their spending budget considering their expenses?

These are a few examples of areas that Iranian singles need to have a clear picture of when they start their Iranian dating journey . The more clear this picture is, less problems arise in their future financial relationship.

Why are financials important in Iranian dating?

Iranian Dating

Until about 50 years ago, Iranian men were in charge of making and spending money in the family. Iranian women on the other hand were solely responsible for taking care of house chores and children. It was totally a black and white pattern and there was no contradiction. Men would make financial decisions based on their knowledge and wisdom and woman would usually accept the decisions.

In today’s modern life those boundaries are broken. Nowadays women can be the sole bread winners of the family. At the same time men participate more in the duties which seemed to be uncommon 50 years ago. A few to mention are cooking, cleaning, taking care of a new born and etc. In the western communities couples have passed this transition period and are well adjusted to their new roles however; Iranian singles are still in the transition period. Nowadays highly educated and professional Iranian women demand to take part in financial decision makings in the family. It becomes more and more complicated as couples become more involved in building their careers and have less time to take care of the household chores. Now it is time for men to step up and help their spouse with duties that historically they did not use to do.


Iranian Dating

When Iranian singles find that special someone on an Iranian dating site, they need to consider and discuss their opinions and beliefs about their ideal financial relationship and their roles. They need to agree how each person would contribute to this beautiful relationship.

If they realize there’s a huge gap in between their financial life styles and there are more disagreement than agreements, they should give it a serious thought to see if the gap will cause more issues in the future and decide accordingly.

We strongly believe finding an amazing individual on an Iranian dating site is the first step of living a happy and merry life in the future. The rest is all about understanding and working together.