Honesty is one of the main ingredients of a quality relationship. An Iranian girl and her partner cannot establish a long term, intimate and loving relationship if they are not honest with each other. But sometimes being truly honest can hurt an Iranian girl’s partner. If she simply says, “Your attitude is not nice!” or “You always drink too much”, it might start an issue in their relationship even though it is her honest opinion. There are some simple rules to follow to express opinions with honesty while not offending Iranian men.

Rules an honest Iranian girl should follow to avoid hurting her partner:

Right time

When an Iranian girl wants to discuss her opinion on a sensitive object, she should find a time when her partner is ready, stress-free and relaxed. At the same time, the Iranian girl should be prepared for the conversation as well. After a long day of work, when she wants to wrap this issue up as soon as possible to get on with the rest of her to-do list, is not the right time for sure.

How an Iranian girl can express her honest opinions.

Right place

While her Iranian man is driving or they are with their friends and have no privacy are examples of inappropriate places for an Iranian girl to discuss her honest ideas.

Right choice of words

Using the right choice of words and sentences can make a lot of difference. For example, an Iranian girl might use the word “feel” to prevent her sentences from sounding accusing. Instead of saying “You always drink a lot”, she might say, “I felt you drank a little extra last night”. Also, she should avoid using “never” or “always”. Do not say, “You always drink a lot”. It is also a good idea for an Iranian girl to use “I” instead of “You” at the beginning of her sentences. This way he does not feel he is being accused. For example, instead of saying, “You are always mean to Alex” she might say, “I think you can be nicer to Alex, don’t you?”

Focus on Solutions

The main reason an Iranian girl is having this honest conversation with her better half is to find a solution to avoid the issue from happening again. Instead of bickering about what has happened before, it is better to look for solutions to avoid it from happening again.

Accept honesty in return

An Iranian girl should be receptive to her partner’s honest opinions as well and should not take sides. If, during the conversation, he brings up a valid, honest opinion, she should acknowledge it the same way she expects him to respect her opinions.

Using these techniques helps both Iranian girls and men to have a better, longer and healthier conversation. When partners carry on healthy communication, then all of their issues can be solved quite easily. Let us know your honest opinion about this subject.