In Iranian pop culture it is believed that man is in charge of starting a conversation with a woman. If it happens the other way it might seem a little bit weird. But what happens if an Iranian girl sees a guy who looks interesting to her and she wants to start a conversation with him?
Suppose an Iranian girl has been looking for an appropriate date on an Iranian dating site and has not met the right person yet. She walks into a cafe and all of sudden a Persian man catches her attention. Our Iranian girl does not want to look weird but she does not want to lose the opportunity of knowing this man as well. What is the appropriate way of approaching and starting a conversation?

Steps in which an Iranian girl can start a conversation:

1. Right approach
Our Iranian girl should not pay extra attention and try to act normally. The first step is to ask a very usual question. Depending on the situation she can choose one. For the cafe example, the appropriate question might be “How long this cafe is open today?” If she is in an elevator she might ask him to push a floor button for her.

How an Iranian girl can star a conversation?

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2. Keep the conversation going
In this step the Iranian girl needs to be more creative. She needs to keep the conversation alive and going. She can ask another question right after the initial question. Something like “Do they have Wi-Fi in this Cafe?” Or in the elevator example, the right second question for our targeted Persian man can be “Do you know by any chance if Dr. Smith’s office is on the 3rd floor?” At this stage she does not want to look annoying by asking question after question. This is when she becomes creative. She may also give some information in between to make the conversation look natural. “I have a lecture that I need to send to my professor right away!” might be a good one. In this case the Iranian man may even offer to help to set up the internet connection for her.
3. Be approachable
The Iranian girl should not be too serious. She should leave some room for the guy to dare to continue the conversation. A fade small is always a good approach in addition to give him some time to add something to the ongoing conversation.

These are easy steps that an Iranian girl can use to start a conversation with a Persian man to see if he is single, if he is interested in friendship and even if he is a good fit. The rest of the process is totally up to our her and how creative she can be. Here is another interesting article about how to meet and attract strangers who look interesting to you. In any case, an Iranian girl needs to stay genuine and avoid fake behaviors or actions.

There are tons of different ways to start a conversation. If you know more ways please share it with us and your friends.

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