Conflict happens. After all, it is life and conflict is inevitable. It does not mean that Iranian girls’ relationships with their significant others are at fault. When two people with entirely different backgrounds and upbringing choose to date and live together, the existence of disagreements is very normal and natural. At the beginning of relationships there are often more conflicts, but after a period of adjustment the number of disagreements generally decreases. Not having any conflict in a relationship is almost impossible. For that reason, Iranian girls should focus on how to resolve and manage conflict instead of denying it and hoping it never happens.

If Iranian girls manage to resolve a conflict appropriately, they will strengthen their relationship. Both Iranian girls and their partners will feel more interested in the relationship when they see they can survive tough situations together. Thus, Iranian girls should look at conflicts as an opportunity to make even stronger bonds with the Persian men they are dating. This does not mean that they should look forward to conflicts but, when they occur, they need to be ready to turn the card in their favor.

Basic steps Iranian girls can take to control a conflict

When a conflict happens the very first feeling Iranian girls experience is stress. Stress easily interrupts their logic and switches their reactions from logical to emotional. This mixed feeling of stress coupled with emotion interrupts normal communication channels with their partner. Then the resulting poor communication does damage and even creates issues that had not existed in the first place. No need to mention that when there is no effective communication channel, there is no way to resolve a conflict.

If Iranian girls take control of their emotions, their partner will follow them as well.

As you might expect, the very first step to controlling a conflict is to remain calm. Avoiding stress and emotion contributes a lot to mastering conflict management. Being respectful is also a must during this process. Iranian girls (and their partners) should stay respectful to their partners and the differences between them at all times.
But how can we take control of stress and our emotions? This is what we will discuss in a follow-up discussion next week. Meanwhile, since communication is a key element in conflict management, we suggest that all Iranian singles review another article of ours, “Effective Communication Guide for Iranian Women and Men”, to master this key skill.

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