Money is not the root cause of all of the problems in a relationship, but it has ruined a lot of them. Even if it doesn’t cause break up and separation, it can easily undermine the quality of a relationship. That is why Iranian singles should manage this important matter from the beginning. Obviously planning a relationship’s financials prevents future turbulence in romantic life.

In Iranian culture it is still believed that Iranian men are in charge of a family’s financials. Although Iranian girls are stepping up in this area,historically it has been the sole responsibility of men. If it happens that the Iranian man is not financially stable, this matter can impact the partner’s relationship greatly. However, Iranian girls can contribute to controlling financial matters. After all, the relationship is all about helping each other out. If Iranian girls are truly in love with their partner, they will not hesitate even for a moment to step in and help.

Iranian girls may undertake a part of relationship expenses

In today’s modern life, Iranian girls and boys work side by side. They take care of the household chores and kids equally. We barely see the old fashioned setups where men are the bread winners and women are taking care of the house and kids. Nowadays, it is all about teamwork where the entire family works as a whole. In the situation where the Iranian man is in a difficult financial situation, it would be quite normal and expected for
Iranian girls to start taking care of a part of expenses. Iranian men will be grateful for the help and should show their appreciation for their partner’s understanding helpfulness. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Iranian men should be permitted to take advantage of the generosity of Iranian girls. This isn’t a recommendation for Iranian girls to open their bank accounts. However, it is an opportunity for them to help pay for their portion of the relationship’s expenses. It is mutual understanding here which sets the financial lines in between them.

Iranian girls help in money management.

Iranian girls can suggest to manage the relationship’s financials

If they are good at managing money, Iranian girls can suggest that they be the ones to plan, budget and manage their monthly income and expenses. First, Iranian singles need to sit down and plan their future financial goals together. Then they can plan how to spend, invest and manage their monthly income to achieve those goals. Buying a house and saving for their kids’ college and retirement are a few examples of financial goals. Daily management of monthly expenses can then become the job of those Iranian
girls who have good money management skills. Money should then become less problematic in their life, since the partners have agreed on their goals and financial plan. As a result, they will try to be committed to their goals and spend accordingly.

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