It is believed by many Iranian girls that a good partner, in addition to being a great lover, should also be a best friend. This belief can create expectations which might not be met in their future relationship. In order to see it from the right angle, we need to consider the difference between a Persian man as a partner and as a best friend.

What Iranian girls want from a partner

Usually in a healthy relationship, an Iranian girl’s partner would be happy to spend time with her. He tries to make her happy and take care of her. When there are issues which need physical strength or financial knowledge, he would jump in to handle them. In other words, he is supportive, understanding and protective of his partner and their relationship. Iranian girls in return try to give all their love and attention to their partner and contribute to their relationship in many other ways. The two individuals try hard to make the foundation of their relationship a strong one and transition from dating to higher levels of intimacy and togetherness.

Iranian girls and their best friend

What Iranian girls want from a best friend

Partners in a relationship talk and do things which interest them both. If Iranian girls expect their partners to welcome long hours of shopping with them for a purse, a specific dress or make up, they will probably be disappointed. Similarly, if Iranian girls try to share long and complicated stories about their friends, family or favorite show, they might not get the same response they get from their best friend. The reason is very simple. Usually Iranian girls’ best friends are girls and not everything which excites a girl will excite an Iranian man as well. For example, do Iranian girls like to watch and then talk about football the whole Sunday afternoon? Usually not, because it is not a major area of interest for them.

In a healthy relationship, everything should be in its proper position. Although Iranian girls feel a lot of affection and love for their Persian men, they need to distinguish the differences between these partners and their best friends and hang out with each of them accordingly. After all, they do not want to marry their best friend or make their life partner bored over time.
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