Almost no one plans to start a long distance relationship. There is no Iranian girl who says “I am going to find a good partner 1,000 miles away “. Everyone likes to have their partner by their side to enjoy each other’s companionship. Although having a long-distance relationship is not the initial intention of daters, it does happen. An Iranian girl on a Persian dating site might accidentally fall in love with someone who lives thousands of miles away. At first she may not realize where the man lives whose profile interests her. She begins a relationship with him out of curiosity and their very first messages do not seem to be serious, but one day she opens her eyes to find herself deep in a relationship with someone faraway.

Does long distance relationship works for an Iranian girl?

An Iranian girl who has feelings for a person far away should pay attention to the following points very carefully.

1. Everything seems better over the phone

When people talk over the phone, things seem better than they are in real life. Even if we assume that an Iranian girl’s partner is an honest man and is not faking anything, he can still speak in ways which are a lot nicer than he acts. A relationship which is based only on phone conversations cannot give an Iranian girl the chance to know her partner entirely.

2. Time differences are bothersome

If they are not in the same time zone, then partners will have lots of problems. If the Iranian girl lives in the US and her partner lives in Sweden, then they are nine hours apart. It can cause a lot of problems with their ability to communicate in real time. Catching up with each other can interrupt many of their daily activities.

3. The Iranian girl should have an end goal in mind

Long-distance relationships cannot last forever. Even if she decides to start such a relationship, there should be a plan for how the two people are eventually going to connect in real time and space. It might be the Iranian girl who moves to his location or vice versa.

Iranian girl and long distance relationship!

4. There is no relationship yet

  When you only know someone long distance, a real life relationship has not started yet. A relationship should be tested when the two people are physically in the same place, live life and share problems together, socialize together, have sexual intimacy and much more. In fact, during the long-distance relationship, the Iranian girl is more or less “reserving” her partner until the time they have the chance to start knowing each other fully in person.

5. Meeting Iranian girl’s partner midway is somewhat artificial

The Iranian girl and her partner might decide to meet for a few days half way between their two locations or have one of them travel to the other’s location. The Iranian girl cannot draw a lot of firm conclusions about their interactions during these times. The reason is that they have both accumulated a lot of emotions during the time they have been apart, so that during the short time they are together they will naturally ignore important or contentious issues. They will both subconsciously try to be nice and make this get together as perfect as possible. That is why the Iranian girl should not draw too many conclusions about her partner or their relationship from these times together.

With all that said, there have been cases where couples have been happy with their long distance relationship and ended up marrying each other. We are not against long-distance relationships, but feel that they are more difficult to manage. Therefore, if an Iranian girl decides to enter this type of relationship, she should know all about it in advance and be well prepared for it.
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