Those Iranian girls who haven’t yet found their Prince Charming should not be worried. They don’t need to stress out. What they really need to do is to sit down and think about Prince Charming from another angle. Instead of comparing their Iranian dating candidates with that hypothetical prince from a childhood fairy tale, Iranian girls should stop and analyze what type of person would be their ideal mate in the real world. Let’s do this analysis step by step.

Step 1- Who is Your Prince Charming?

A majority of Iranian girls will give similar answers to this question. Prince Charming is the most ideal man in the world. He loves his girlfriend in a way that no one else has ever loved. He is the most romantic creature who sweeps her off her feet. He will solve all of Iranian girls’ problems and take extra good care of her. Not to mention that he is also super rich, tall, athletic and handsome. He has a heart of gold and welcomes every single one of her suggestions. He is chivalrous and, at the same time, funny. Iranian girls love the fact that he pursues them and whatever they wish. He is loyal, committed and puts his Iranian girl at the center of his life. He always has time for her and understands all of her moods. While this sounds a lot like a character from a Disney movie, this is more or less what some Iranian girls dream of when it comes to partners. The problem appears when these girls sub-consciously compare real, live Iranian men who are dating candidates to their dream world Prince Charming. It’s hard for a real person to match a cinematic ideal.

Iranian girls and prince charming

Step 2- Do Iranian girls believe that a romantic relationship is a two-way street?

Nowadays, relationships are two-way streets. Partners contribute to their joint lives more or less equally. Each one of them bring different qualities and merits into play. That is what nurtures the relationship and makes the partners grow together. But not everyone believes this. If Iranian girls find someone they think is Prince Charming with the exact same qualities they are looking for, then what qualities, talents and skills are left for the Iranian girl to bring to the relationship? If they are expecting to be the sole focus of their partner’s life, are Iranian girls ready to sacrifice their own life for Prince Charming in return? Or are they just looking for Prince Charming to be at their service, making them feel happy, loved and cared for? If they are expecting Prince Charming to be the most romantic, patient, understanding and logical person, with exceptional wealth and good looks, do Iranian girls own those same traits, too? Probably not. A much better approach to finding a wonderful love match is to be realistic, fair and open minded. While real Iranian men are not Prince Charmings from a fairy tale, they can be utterly delightful, caring and trustworthy companions for life. Iranian girls need to have an open mind to meeting different types of Iranian men in order to determine who will make the best partner. They may be very surprised by what they find. Sometimes Iranian girls are attracted to Iranian men who share the same interests and qualities. Other times they are attracted to Iranian men who are completely different from themselves — as they say, opposites attract! The key is to meet all different types of people to see where the chemistry lies. Iranian girls may find their true love in the most surprising package, one which they will be able to complement with their own unique set of skills and virtues. Two real-life partners who blend well together can create their own fairy tale in real life, though neither one of them is perfect.

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