We are at the second part of this series of articles. If you have not read Part One, we suggest you review it first (”What Iranian Girls Don’t Know about Prince Charming! Part One”) and then proceed to the next two steps.

Step 3 – Dependent or independent?Which one should Iranian girls choose?

Iranian girls need to be honest with themselves and decide whom they want to become and what type of life they want to live. Do they want to be a successful, independent being who makes things happen? Or do they want to look to others to take care of their lives, needs and problems? If they are tending toward the latter choice, they should not ignore the fact that self-actualization is one of the most fundamental needs of human beings. If Iranian girls choose to be self-sufficient, then they will not expect Prince Charming to be there at their service.

Step 4 – What does Prince Charming like?

Have Iranian girls ever thought about what kind of girls Prince Charming likes? The odds are very low that he knocks on their door and says, “Wow! How wonderful that you have no career, personal life or friends. Let’s fall in love”. Just waiting for Prince Charming to come along can be a depressing time. It is better to face reality: he is not going to come and change your life in a fraction of a second; that is never going to happen. Instead, Iranian girls should make their own lives full and rich while waiting for him. They should celebrate every single moment of their lives, extend their social relations and friends, and proceed with their career and anything else they love.

Do Iranian girls need to give a second thought to the idea of Prince charming?

Iranian women need to have a goal in life which is not solely finding their Prince Charming. Their goal should be to live an amazing life which can include looking for a soul mate.
Understanding the fact that life is more than dreaming of Prince Charming and measuring real people against this fictional dream character can liberate Iranian girls to expect a lot more from life than a single person can provide. Iranian girls are the sole origin of their own happiness. When their real Prince Charming comes along and sees the happiness they project, he will do everything to become part of it.

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