In Part One we talked about the definition of conflict and the fact that it originates from differences between Iranian girls and their partners. As we mentioned previously, the first step in taking control of a conflict is to stay calm and not let your emotions get ahead of you. Remember that conflict by itself does not necessarily mean that the relationship is wrong. What matters is the couple’s attitude toward the conflict and their ability to manage it in a way that minimizes any damage to the relationship.

Iranian girls and the role of non-verbal communication

Facial expressions, body gestures, and tone of voice are all means of non-verbal communication. Although it might not seem important to Iranian girls, non-verbal communication can help to manage a conflict or shut down communication channels with their partners. In other words, non-verbal communication can make or break a relationship. It is well said that “Actions speak louder than words”. Iranian singles tend to believe in non-verbal communications more than spoken words. It is believed that eyes
never lie. That is why in nation-wide, controversial trials, body language experts are hired to try to determine if an alleged criminal or witness is telling the truth. It is very important that Iranian girls’ body language support their verbal reasoning and spoken expressions. If they contradict one another, their body language will be more persuasive than their verbal communication.

How Iranian girls can avoid damage to their relationship!

Sometimes one’s non-verbal signals may not be intentional. That is why it is very important for Iranian girls to be aware of their non-verbal communication in order to avoid misunderstandings. Using a mirror to practice one’s body language can be helpful. Iranian girls can practice what they want to say in front of a mirror before talking about an issue with their partner. They need to make sure that their body signals are in harmony with their verbal communication.

Next week we are going to discuss the next step in mastering conflict management for Iranian girls. We hope you have found this series of articles helpful. If so, please share your inspiring stories with us.