Life and Love

Life without love is like a rainbow without hue. Iranian singles are one of the most emotional people in the world. They might be successful in life but they cannot live a solitary life for sure. It is an internal desire that they cannot turn a blind eye to. Historically Iranian girls feel more pressure from their family in this regard. Although things are changing rapidly in Iranian communities but there is still an unwritten rule. Iranian singles should be married by a certain age otherwise something seems to be wrong.  Considering all of these factors, not having the true partner by their side contribute a lot to Iranian singles life dis-satisfaction.

Considering all the reasons mentioned above, why sometimes Iranian singles and especially Iranian girls are hesitant to fall in love? They culturally and logically have every reason to fall in love when they find the right person. But it happens very often when they find him they feel hesitate and concerned

Love Hurdles

Several reason can be discussed here which we list a few of them here.

1- Fear of UnknownIranian Singles

When you fall in love, you emotionally become dependent on another person that you do not know very well. Human nature is always afraid of unknowns. Fear of darkness is a very good example of it. So it is a logical fear if you are afraid of falling in love with a total stranger or even a person that you may know for a few months. That is one of the reasons Iranian singles have a tendency to marry someone who is introduced by their family or friends.

2- Hurtful Memories

Divorce does not exist in Iranian vocabulary. It is believed and expected when two people marry, to live the rest of their lives together. Because of that divorce and break ups are one of the least desired and most hurtful incidents in the life of an Iranian individual. The wounds from a troubled relationship along with the negative views of society to this phenomenon, makes it so hard to bear. If divorce happens they need to try hard and long to heal its scars. Now they are about to start a new relationship. No matter how beautiful it is right now, the fear of experiencing another hurtful relationship always is a concern.

3- In-Laws

The relationship with in-laws is an issue that might turn into a hurdle just in Iranian communities. How Iranian singles partner will treat their family has always been a concern. Iranian people have very strong family bonds. They usually live with their family members for a very long time. Even in case they move out they will keep their connection and visit each other very often. One of the very first questions that an Iranian single will ask is “Will he accept and treat my family just like his?” Balancing the distribution of love and attention between family members, partner and the in-laws can be a real challenge. Love of Iranian singles to their family and parents in particular, is so huge that it can be a really big hurdle in their love life.

One Last Word

The mentioned points are just one part of this puzzle for sure. Entering a relationship will change the normal rhythm of an individual life. What can help here is to sit down and carry a healthy conversation about these issues. Knowing themselves and their needs and expectations along with respecting differences can play a huge role in overcoming all the hurdles along the way.

As the author of this article I would be more than happy to have your comments.