Everyday life is full of hardships and Iranian dating as a part of this journey is not an exception. Iranian girls go through the roller coaster of the dating and start a new relationship with our ideal mate. But one day along the way we feel we have found that special someone and another day we feel emotionally betrayed. Iranian people and in particular Iranian singles are known as emotional people. Usually emotions cope harder with down falls of a relationship than logic.

The question is how Iranian singles should react if something negative comes out of our interaction with our partner.

According to magazine.foxnews.com “ While the divorce rate (per 1,000 people) hovered at 4.0 in 2000 and by 2011 was at 3.6, it’s important to note that the marriage rate was 8.2 in 2000 and fell to 6.2 by 2011.” While keeping an eye on these numbers we shouldn’t ignore that there are over seven billions of humans on this planet. There would possibly be the same number of unique characters and approaches toward a problem as well. If we add today’s modern life complications to this equation, we will figure out why the way couples treat upcoming issues in their relationship is more important than ever. There is mainly two ways which Iranian singles choose from to treat a problem while they are dating or even in life.

Iranian singles who build walls.

You are bitten once by a kitten and you will never go even near a cat. It might be a natural subconscious decision. But can we turn a blind eye to the fact that it is almost impossible to find two beings that are exactly similar in every aspect of their lives? As an Iranian single when meet another Iranian single you are well aware of the fact that there would be many things that you have different ideas about. But what happens if you decide to avoid facing disagreements and to delete the question instead of looking for an answer? Then you become a wall builder. You are gradually building a wall which prevents communication between you and your Iranian better half. Over the time you won’t know the real Iranian girl which was supposed to be the queen of your palace anymore. One day you open your eyes and see there is no relationship and it is just coexistence. You are now in the prison of self-made walls. She is on the other side of the walls and odds are after all these years, those walls are too strong to destroy.

Iranian singles need to be prepared for stormy days.


Iranian singles who build a bridge.

People are constantly building something in the empire of their relationship.  Nobody denies that there is lots of ups and down in every relationship. Why not making bridges instead of walls? Iranian singles can always educate themselves how to pass over the deep differences between them. While they are passing over these bridges they should never look down. There are lots of disagreements, differences and week points that they do not need to make a wall to protect themselves against. The only thing you need is a bridge to pass over problems safely. Iranian singles should find ways and become a bridge builder.

Iranian singles are emotional. For emotional Iranian singles is very hard to stick with the logic but if you are looking to date, you need to face hardships and find ways through them instead of protecting yourself by hiding behind tall hard walls. In the long run there is no relationship and satisfaction behind those walls. If Iranian singles take the high road, after a while they become bridge builders who nothing can deprive them from having a happy healthy relationship. Cheers and good luck to all Iranian singles!

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