We all have seen those confident Iranian women who have their life together. They have their own lifestyles and are happy with what they have done with their lives. The only thing missing is that special someone. They search an Iranian dating site and meet someone in whom they feel interested. The more they know him the more they feel vulnerable. As time goes by, they start having feelings for him and want to be liked back as well.

How Iranian women turn into being needy

Over the course of such relationships, some Iranian women might lose their self confidence in order to buy the attention of their partner. Usually when they like someone, they do all they can to have his attention and love. For example, they might not even like soccer, but they go to soccer games to make him happy. Since soccer is not their area of interest, they might not be good company and this will undermine their bonds with their partners. Usually the more they try, the more weak and vulnerable they become in this situation.
Sometime this group of Iranian women might become verbal and tell their partners that they need more attention and love. But is this the best way to achieve their objective?
Usually Iranian women get into an emotional state faster than Iranian men. Iranian men tend to act more out of logic than emotion. They take more time and evaluate every situation and then, if everything seems right to them, they enter the level of emotional relationship which their partner is expecting.

How Iranian women being needy can damage their relationship

Persistence and force from Iranian women to create this romantic relationship are not helpful. Even if their actions create a buzz, it is not going to be permanent. Instead of calling their partners multiple times and asking them to be more romantic, Iranian women need to be confident enough about themselves to be patient. Of course, it is not easy, but an Iranian woman needs to give her partner enough time to figure things out his own way.
To Iranian women’s surprise, men like self-confident, opinion-minded girls. This does not mean that these girls ignore their partners. It means that they are self-assured enough to avoid being romantically needy. One more thing to remember is that, although Iranian men need enough time to figure things out, there should be a deadline. If an Iranian woman’s partner cannot make up his mind about her, then it might be time to have second thoughts about the relationship.
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