There is a huge number of Iranian singles in California in cities like Los Angeles, Westwood, Santa Monica, Fullerton, Irvine, Anaheim, Glendale and etc. This makes Iranian women and men chances a lot more in their online dating experience. There are a lot of success stories about Iranian singles marriages through an Iranian dating site in these areas.

Why Iranian women find using an Iranian dating site very convenient

Iranian women are rightfully picky about their dating life. After all they are in search of their future partner, who they are planning to live forever. At the same time, today’s life is so hectic that Iranian women do not have enough time for old school dating methods. They find Iranian dating sites very convenient as they can filter users’ profiles to find their ideal match among Iranian men in California and neighborhood cities.


Why GoIranian is #1 Iranian dating site for areas like Los Angeles, Anaheim, etc. in California

1. Iranian chat

Online users can have a private chat on the website with their potential partner. It is a great way to know their candidates better.

2. Blog

On the website blog, Iranian women can find a variety of articles, from dating tips to relationship advice. This is the best place they can educate themselves about the new relationship they are stepping into.

3. Social Media

GoIranian has a strong presence on almost all of the popular social medias. This gives Iranian women the chance to not only meet new people on the website, but also get in touch with other Iranian singles on the social media.

4. Bilingual website

Iranian women are able to use the website in Farsi or English. This makes surfing the website very convenient for those Iranian women who are not comfortable with English language.

5. Photo Album Password

Iranian women do not need to worry about their photos to be seen by every body on the site. They can simply place a password on their photo album. Then only people who have their permission and the password can see their photos.

The benefits of GoIranian is not limited to the few above mentioned items and you will hear more about them in the coming articles. Please let us know how your experience was like, if you have already tried the website .