First dates are very nerve racking for some Iranian women. They are out of their comfort zone because they are meeting a new person and don’t know what to expect. They might have talked to him and seen his photos on the Iranian dating site, but meeting in person is a whole new story. In addition, a first date involves evaluating each other and no one really likes to be judged. Here are a few tips which will help Iranian women feel more comfortable and enjoy their first dates:

1. Iranian women should not be seeking the approval of their date

Their goal for the first date should not be to gain their date’s approval, but just to have fun. They are going out with somebody who might be their future soul mate, so they should feel cool and comfortable, not stressed and nervous.

2. Iranian women should avoid just looking for answers

Iranian women should not get caught up in mentally filling out their check list of questions about their date. Instead, they should just enjoy this first date and see if the two of them click emotionally. If the emotional connection does exist, there will be more dates on which to find answers to all of their questions.

3. The first date is not the last man on earth

Iranian women should keep in mind that they do not have to make it work with this particular man they are dating. He is not the last man they will ever date, so if there is no connection, it does not matter. The Iranian woman can meet other people. This attitude prevents girls from acting desperate in order to make things work with their dates.


Iranian women should enjoy the first date.

 4. Iranian women may pick the location of the first date 

If Iranian women choose the place for the first date, it can be somewhere they feel comfortable. If they go to a restaurant that they have been to before, they will be familiar with the staff and the menu which will make them feel much more at ease than they would feel in a new place. Choosing someplace familiar avoids having to cope with the stress of new surroundings in addition to the natural stress of a first date.

5. Iranian women should dress comfortably

The choice of clothing for a first date is very important. They need to feel comfortable in whatever they choose to wear. For example, if they do not feel comfortable in high heels, they will be worried about tripping or falling and this will take focus away from the conversation with their date. Iranian women should wear something nice, clean and comfortable.

After all, the main reason to form a relationship is to make Iranian women and their partners happy. First dates are a big step in this journey. So they should be refreshing and exciting, rather than nerve racking and stressful.

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