According to studies in the US, more than one-third of marriages there happen because of a connection that the couple made online. This illustrates why the use of dating sites is growing more than ever before. Iranian women are also following this trend as much as their western peers. With the boom in online dating, the following questions come to mind:

How long should Iranian women date someone online?

When Persian women go onto an Iranian dating site, they search and interact with users until they find a guy which whom they connect. Messages are sent back and forth and the two people become entwined in each other’s lives. Some Iranian women might enjoy this type of relationship which takes place solely in the virtual world. But is this what they were looking for at the beginning? Iranian women should know that interacting solely online with a person should have a limit. At some point, they need to start taking their new relationship from the virtual world to more personal encounters after the first few messages.
If Iranian women think they have identified a potential future partner, the next step would be to ask him to talk over the phone. After that, meeting face-to-face would be the natural thing to do to progress the relationship, and on it goes.

Iranian women should turn their date offline

Why should Iranian women interact offline, as well as online, with their dates?

1. In the online world, everyone can be whom he claims to be. When you start talking or going out, the opportunities for scammers are greatly reduced.
2. Sometimes people think and speak nicely in contrast to how they live their lives. Iranian women might have very promising conversations online, but their candidate should prove himself in practice, too.
3. Even if he has a substantial photo album, he might look different in person. Before Iranian women develop any emotional bonds, they need to meet with their date in person and go out together to see what he is really like.
4. If an Iranian man is not willing to turn this online relationship into an offline one, there should be a reason behind it. Usually the reason for this kind of action is not one which would make Iranian women happy.

To sum it up, online dating kick starts a relationship. If Iranian women get stuck in this phase, they are not going to get anywhere. An Iranian dating website is a place to meet new people online so that you can then get to know them better offline. If Persian men who are met online try to keep the new relationship restricted to only online contact, this is a red flag signaling that there might be something wrong.
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