Having a life-time partner is such a huge desire that everybody looks for that special someone. Iranian singles are no exception either. Iranian women and men have understood how much their romantic life can impact their entire world. Everybody has experienced the amazing feeling of being loved and how it lifts anybody’s spirit. Add to it the desire of having a family and a beautiful Iranian chat with them after a long and tiring day.

But where do Persian singles meet their future partners? In the old days, it was all about conventional ways like family, work or friends. Little by little with the breakout of the Internet, Iranian chat rooms came to existence. Iranian chat rooms were very popular for a certain period of time because they were the only way of online and technological communication. Basically you would become a member of an Iranian chat room, choose a nickname, and take part in a conversation. If you get lucky you would find common interests with one of the other users and then you would exchange contact information.

With the progress of the Internet, new ways of communications developed. First, online dating websites were introduced. POF is one of the most popular examples. Since then Iranian singles have taken advantage of them. In the past decade, social media (like Facebook and Twitter) also serve a similar service but they are not as specialized as Persian dating sites.

Following is a short list of benefits of Iranian chat rooms versus Iranian dating websites:

Benefits of Iranian Chat rooms:

  • Fast to register
  • Instant communication with the user
  • Cheaper than Iranian dating websites

Benefits of Iranian dating websites:

  • Increased security
  • Option to review photos of users
  • Option to search for users in your desired region
  • Option to filter users based on any category such as age, physical appearance, education, etc.
  • Being educated with blogs, newsletters and etc.
  • Options for Iranian chat
  • Reviewing the candidates’ profile, including physical appearance, before contacting them.
  • Iranian chat room requires live communication (if somebody is off line, they cannot be contacted) but Iranian dating sites do not have this issue.
  • Social media presence
  • Sending notification to your personal mail box
  • Options for suggesting candidates
  • Different options of communication like system message, short message, chat, sending gifts, etc.


Considering the above comparison, an Iranian dating site easily provides all the necessary features for finding that special someone as well as the exact same service that an Iranian chat room offers. Telling the difference between a good Iranian dating site or Iranian chat room from an OK one is another subject that we will write about in the near future. Until then, do not forget to check our Facebook page in order to connect with other amazing Persian singles and keep up to date.